Ashish D. Tiple

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A new continuous cell line from ovarian tissue of commercial variety “Kolar Gold” of silkworm, Bombyx mori, was established and designated as DZNU-Bm-12. The tissue was grown in MGM-448 insect cell culture medium supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum (FBS) and 3% heat-inactivated B. mori hemolymph at 25 ± 1°C. The migration of partially attached small(More)
Molecular characterization of four morphologically similar Pieridae butterflies was carried out using RAPD markers. Total 121 bands were scored with 8 decamer primers, of which 115 were polymorphic while 6 were monomorphic and the percentage of polymorphism was 95.04%. Dendrogram based on average similarity coefficient of 08 primers grouped four Pieridae(More)
Male mate location behaviour and encounter sites have been studied in 72 butterfly species at Nagpur, India, and related to taxonomy, morphology, habitat and population parameters. Species can be placed in three broad classes of mate location behaviour: invariant patrolling, invariant perching, and perch-patrol, the latter associated with increasing site(More)
This study examines butterfly larval host plants, herbivory and related life history attributes within Nagpur City, India. The larval host plants of 120 butterfly species are identified and their host specificity, life form, biotope, abundance and perennation recorded; of the 126 larval host plants, most are trees (49), with fewer herbs (43), shrubs (22),(More)
Odonata are freshwater insects spread world-wide. Tropical areas are high Odonata diversity areas. However, there has not been accumulation of extensive baseline data on spatial distribution of these insects from such places. Maharashtra, the third largest state of India, harbors a variety of land-use and occupies six biogeographic provinces. We carried out(More)
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