Ashish Chaturvedi

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Even today in Twenty First Century Handwritten communication has its own stand and most of the times, in daily life it is globally using as means of communication and recording the information like to be shared with others. Challenges in handwritten characters recognition wholly lie in the variation and distortion of handwritten characters, since different(More)
This paper demonstrates the use of neural networks for developing a system that can recognize handwritten English alphabets. In this system, each English alphabet is represented by binary values that are used as input to a simple feature extraction system, whose output is fed to our neural network system. 1. INTRODUCTION Optical character recognition is the(More)
The success of drought tolerance breeding programs can be enhanced through molecular assortment of germplasm. This study was designed to characterize molecular diversity within and between Lens species with different adaptations to drought stress conditions using SSR markers. Drought stress was applied at seedling stage to study the effects on(More)
Three signalling molecules viz. salicylic acid, calcium (calcium chloride) and brassinosteroid (24-epibrassinolide) were exogenously applied at pre-anthesis stage to investigate their role in ameliorating high temperature effects on CO2 assimilation, chlorophyll fluorescence, photosynthesis pigments and their correlation with grain yield in two contrasting(More)
Four representative species of different growth forms viz., rhizomatous forbs (Rumex nepalensis Spreng.), mat-forming forbs (Plantago major Linn.), stoloniferous forbs (Picrorhiza kurrooa Royle ex Benth.) and prostrate creeping dwarf shrubs (Skimmia laureola Hook. f.) were exposed to CO2 to assess its effect on their growth, morphology and dry matter(More)
Aluminium (Al) stress was imposed on 285 lentil genotypes at seedling stage under hydroponics to study its effects on morpho-physiological traits where resistant cultigens and wilds showed minimum reduction in root and shoot length and maximum root re-growth (RRG) after staining. Molecular assortment based on 46 simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers(More)
Effect of high temperature stress through different dates of planting and growing inside temperature tunnel were investigated in two contrasting potato cultivars Kufri Surya and Kufri Chipsona-3. High temperature exposure at early, late and tunnel environment delayed tuber initiation and shortened the bulking duration of both the potato cultivars. High(More)
Rising atmospheric CO2 concentration can stimulate plant growth through enhanced photosynthesis and carbohydrate assimilation. A study was planned to analyse the effects of elevated CO2 (eCO2) (570 ± 45 µmol mol−1) on photosynthesis, carbohydrate assimilation and photorespiratory enzymes and their gene expression in desi (Pusa 1103) and kabuli (Pusa 1105)(More)
High temperature stress is projected to be one of the major stresses of limiting rice productivity worldwide in future climate change scenario. This review explicates the key physiological traits for tailoring high temperature tolerance in rice. These physiological traits can be used to explore the genetic variability among rice germplasm and to develop the(More)