Ashish Chaturvedi

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Spatial patterns in (local) government taxation and spending decisions have received a lot of scholarly attention recently. Still, the focus on taxation or expenditure levels in previous studies is incomplete. In fact, (rational) individuals are likely to consider the level of spending on (or taxation for) public goods provision simultaneously with how much(More)
Even today in Twenty First Century Handwritten communication has its own stand and most of the times, in daily life it is globally using as means of communication and recording the information like to be shared with others. Challenges in handwritten characters recognition wholly lie in the variation and distortion of handwritten characters, since different(More)
The success of drought tolerance breeding programs can be enhanced through molecular assortment of germplasm. This study was designed to characterize molecular diversity within and between Lens species with different adaptations to drought stress conditions using SSR markers. Drought stress was applied at seedling stage to study the effects on(More)
We propose and evaluate the usability and security of Click to Zoom-inside (CTZ); a new graphical password authentication mechanism. Users have to click six times on one point in some given specific regions (pass regions) shown with dotted lines in a theme image displayed on the screen. The selected region is then zoom to create a next image. Exactly, we(More)
The objective of the present investigation was to evaluate Al tolerance in three Vigna species viz. V. radiata (‘Pusa-672’), V. mungo (‘Mash-114’) and V. umbellata (‘RBL-6’) under Al stress conditions. All three Vigna species were assessed in hydroponic assay in various concentration of Al (0, 74 and 185 μM) for 48 h. Variations in the Al tolerance were(More)
The paper demonstrates the forecasting of an aircraft trajectory in the vertical plane using gradient descent method for training a feed forward neural network system. For prediction of trajectory a neural networks system has been trained using a set of some arbitrary trajectories and then used to forecast for the new ones. Sliding Window method is being(More)
The impact of rising atmospheric CO2 on crop productivity and quality is very important for global food and nutritional security under the changing climatic scenario. A study was conducted to investigate the effect of elevated CO2 on seed oil quality and yield in a sunflower hybrid DRSH 1 and variety DRSF 113, raised inside open top chambers and exposed to(More)
Manual segmentation of brain tumors by medical practitioners is a time consuming task and has inability to assist in accurate diagnosis. Several automatic methods have been developed to overcome these issues. But Automatic MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) brain tumor segmentation is a complicated task due to the variance and intricacy of tumors; to over by(More)
Four representative species of different growth forms viz., rhizomatous forbs (Rumex nepalensis Spreng.), mat-forming forbs (Plantago major Linn.), stoloniferous forbs (Picrorhiza kurrooa Royle ex Benth.) and prostrate creeping dwarf shrubs (Skimmia laureola Hook. f.) were exposed to CO2 to assess its effect on their growth, morphology and dry matter(More)