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The involvement of dopaminergic (DA) receptors and their possible interactions were evaluated during stress ulcer formation in rats. The DA1 antagonist SCH 23390 (0.025, 0.05, or 0.1 mg/kg) produced only marginal aggravations in gastric stress pathology when compared to vehicle controls. The DA2 antagonist sulpiride (10 or 50 mg/kg) had dose-related(More)
OBJECTIVE To detect the adverse drug reactions (ADRs) through spontaneous reporting system in IGGMC&H, Nagpur and analyze them using World Health Organization (WHO) assessment scales. METHOD An observational, prospective study was conducted based on ADRs reported between 1st June '05 to 31st May '09 to the ADR reporting unit of the hospital. The ADRs(More)
A realistic theory of propagation of pulses in optical fibers is presented. Time-bounded em pulses, when launched at the entrance aperture of the dispersive fiber, become spatially bounded as well. Following the Fourier technique, expressions for the time-delay difference and the broadening of the pulses are derived for the spatially bounded(More)
We have reviewed 233 patients with posterior urethral valves treated in a single center in Calcutta, India, over the last 20 years: 37 were neonates, 75 were between 1 and 12 months, 88 were between 1 and 5 years, and 33 were more than 5 years old when first seen. The clinical presentation and methods employed in diagnosis and assessment are described.(More)
A pair of ischiopagus tetrapus twins were successfully separated in Calcutta in 1986. The separation was staged. The gastrointestinal tracts were separated at a preliminary operation, and definitive separation carried out 3 months later. Staging permitted us to perform the final separation on healthier babies with the exclusion of the intestinal contents(More)
A method for quantitative extraction of zinc with potassium ethyl xanthate into carbon tetrachloride is described. The optimum conditions are: pH 5-6 and Zn(II) to reagent ~1:8 mole ratio. The effects of other ions on the extraction of Zn(2+) have been investigated, and its separation from As(3+), Pb(2+), Cu(2+) and Fe(3+)is described. The possibility of(More)
The effects of some dopaminergic agents were evaluated on stress responses in normal and immunized experimental animals. Restraint stress (RS) consistently induced gastric mucosal lesions and elevated plasma corticosterone in rats. Pretreatment with alpha-methyltyrosine (alpha-MT), haloperidol, or sulpiride aggravated both responses, whereas bromocriptine(More)