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Data-intensive applications are anticipated to increase day by day. The amount of computing and storage resources required by these are also increasing simultaneously, creating high demands for cloud resources. Cloud provider's limited resources are not adequate to meet the elastic demand of consumers. Cloud coalition is the key approach to deal with such(More)
SDN (Software-Defined Networking) has been proposed to solve problems caused by difficulties in central management, vendor dependency, and increase in complexity of network due to individual process. In current SDN, however, routing algorithm is mainly based on Dijkstra's Algorithm and the shortest Flow Path is selected to deliver packets. This may result(More)
  • Md Abu Layek, Ngo Quang Thai, +5 authors Eui-nam Huh
  • 2017 19th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and…
  • 2017
Videos can portray our thinking in a better way than anything can. As a result, online as well as offline videos in entertainment, health, storytelling, education and in surveillance are increasing day by day which further initiates video coding research to decrease the size while keeping satisfactory quality. Due to the ubiquitous necessity of video(More)
Child malnutrition remains one of the major public health problems in many parts of the world, especially in a developing country like Bangladesh. Several socioeconomic and demographic factors are responsible for this condition. The present study was conducted to uncover the risk factors associated with malnutrition among under-five children in Bangladesh(More)
Management of SLA requirements of heterogeneous IoT consumer devices in diverge applications are the leading strategic challenges in IoT networks. This paper proposes a genetic algorithm and reinforcement learning based integrated algorithm for autonomic management of SLA in IoT networks. The SLA fulfillment problem is formulated as Markov decision process(More)
Social networks have gained huge research interest, especially in viral marketing due to their rapid boom in the past years. It is very crucial to identify the influential users in the social networks for viral and target marketing. Influence maximization (IM) problem estimates such influential users in the social networks. With an initial seed set, the IM(More)
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