Ashira Johnson

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In social primates, individuals use various tactics to compete for dominance rank. Grooming, displays and contact aggression are common components of a male chimpanzee's dominance repertoire. The optimal combination of these behaviors is likely to differ among males with individuals exhibiting a dominance "style" that reflects their tendency to use(More)
OBJECTIVES No single universal definition of emergency department (ED) overcrowding exists. The authors hypothesize that a previously developed site-sampling form for academic ED overcrowding is a valid model to quantify overcrowding in academic institutions and can be used to develop a validated short form that correlates with overcrowding. METHODS A(More)
OBJECTIVE Emergency department (ED) overcrowding has been quantified with a scale that reflects the degree of overcrowding (National ED Overcrowding Scale, or NEDOCS) in general academic EDs. However, validity of the 5-question NEDOCS scale has not been established for a pediatric ED. Our primary objectives were to validate the NEDOCS model in our(More)
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