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This paper describes a novel scheme which enables scaling of cellular node applications without disrupting session continuity. With this scheme, states of node applications, including User Equipment (UE) states and transport protocol states, are maintained during scaling operations that are possible in a virtualized environment. A prototype of Mobility(More)
We present NetServ, an extensible architecture for core network services for the next generation Internet. The functions and resources available on a network node are broken up into small and reusable building blocks. A new core network service is implemented by combining the building blocks, and hosted in a sandbox-like execution environment that provides(More)
The concept of CloudNets, virtual networks connecting cloud resources, has recently attracted much interest from both academic as well as business sides. CloudNets can realize the vision of affordable customized infrastructures. In particular, such networks are expected to be offered even in federated environments with multiple providers. Inter-provider(More)
In today’s Internet, requirements of services regarding the underlying transport network are very diverse. In the future, this diversity will increase and make it harder to accommodate all services in a single network. A possible approach to keep up with this diversity in future networks is the deployment of isolated, custom tailored networks on top of a(More)
Network virtualization is a hot research topic at the moment, and mobile networks are providing services to literally billions of people. Interestingly, the virtualization of complete cellular mobile networks has received little attention up to now, and base station virtualization is a crucial part here. To this end, we propose an architecture for a(More)
Network virtualization presents a new networking paradigm that allows to accommodate multiple isolated virtual networks in one physical network. OpenFlow-based switches are a promising technology to achieve isolation in the transport network. However, these lack carrier-grade QoS support. On the contrary, MPLS is a scalable transport network technology with(More)