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The ability to find and consume nutrient-rich diets for successful reproduction and survival is fundamental to animal life. Among the nutrients important for all animals are polyamines, a class of pungent smelling compounds required in numerous cellular and organismic processes. Polyamine deficiency or excess has detrimental effects on health, cognitive(More)
A female's reproductive state influences her perception of odors and tastes along with her changed behavioral state and physiological needs. The mechanism that modulates chemosensory processing, however, remains largely elusive. Using Drosophila, we have identified a behavioral, neuronal, and genetic mechanism that adapts the senses of smell and taste, the(More)
This research study compared scientific inquiry method and traditional lecture method of teaching. Scientific inquiry was divided in the three levels—guided scientific inquiry, unguided scientific inquiry and combination or mixed (guided & unguided) scientific inquiry. The major objective of this study was " to study the effect of three levels of scientific(More)
The present study has been designed to identify the causes of high dropout rate at the primary level in Pakistan. Data was collected from 94 district mangers; 144 head teachers and 288 teachers; 288 parents and 864 students-50% dropout students and 50% stay-ins at the time of study using Mixed-Research Methods. The main causes and factors of high dropout at(More)
— Resource sharing among the telecom subscribers focuses on different occasions when the incoming request for some particular connection cannot be entertained immediately and this call request either have to wait or has to be rejected by the server. Traffic congestion in the server depends upon the statistical parameters of user behavior which varies with(More)
Combining Time Series and Cross-Section Data in parameters. Simultaneous LinearEquations~· (Under the direction of THOMAS DUDLEY WALLACE) • This thesis is concerned with the estimation of parameters in a system of· simultaneous linear equations,by the combined use of time series and cross-sectional data. An error component disturbance model is postulated:(More)
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