Ashima Jain

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Ethnic specificity is a key determinant in understanding the association of genetic variants with outcome of disease susceptibility. SP110, a component of the nuclear body, has been subjected to association studies with conflicting results. In this study we probed SP110 variants in pulmonary (PTB) and lymph node tuberculosis (LNTB) cases to explore their(More)
BACKGROUND Tubercular lymphadenitis (TL) is the most common form of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) consisting about 15-20% of all TB cases. The currently available diagnostic modalities for (TL), are invasive and involve a high index of suspicion, having limited accuracy. We hypothesized that TL would have a distinct cytokine signature that would(More)
Electronics play a key role in improving vehicles safety. Use of electronics has made possible the introduction and integration of a wide range of new safety and environmental devices in cars. Nowadays, both customer demands and government legislation continue to improve traffic safety. Safety awareness for vehicles has been increasing strongly since the(More)
With the increase in adoption of biometric data for various identification processes, the need for efficient indexing techniques is also on the rise as it is computationally impossible to match the query template against every enrolled entry in the database. In this paper, we have proposed two robust feature extraction techniques from fingerprint images(More)
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