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Primary epithelial tumor of the renal pelvis is rare, and adenocarcinomas account for less than 1% of malignancies arising from the epithelium of the renal pelvis. We describe in this study a case of a 56-year old male patient who presented with an abdominal mass and dull aching pain for one year. A diagnosis of hydronephrosis of the right kidney was made(More)
A cross-sectional study was conducted to evaluate the effect of a community-based health education intervention programme and to study the determinants of night blindness in Bangladesh. The intervention programme was implemented to reduce the morbidity of nutritional blindness (night blindness) in the northern part of Bangladesh (Ranjpure district) during(More)
Pancytopenia is the deficiency of all 3 cellular elements of blood, resulting in anemia, leucopenia, and thrombocytopenia. Pancytopenia may arise due to a number of disease processes that vary according to population, age, nutritional status, and the prevalence of infections [1]. Pancytopenia is a common hematological condition of varied etiology; however,(More)
The study was done to determine the clinical, radiological and histopathological characteristics along with the management outcome of differentiated thyroid carcinoma. This Retrospective study included sixty patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma presented to Department of Otolaryngology and Head-Neck Surgery at Dhaka Medical College Hospital and(More)
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