Ashif Sajjad

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Olive drupe tissues have been selected as a possible source of information about the secondary metabolism of oleaceae secoiridoids. The structures of a number of new microcomponents, detected and isolated by a combined high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)-fraction collector/ultraviolet electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (UV/ESI-MS)(More)
The antigenic profile of Olea europaea pollen from different Mediterranean cultivars was obtained by MALDI mass spectrometry. A simple procedure of chemical fractionation of the whole antigen extract was developed, whereby less complex, or pure, fractions of antigen candidate were obtained prior to mass spectrometric analysis. Some of the features of(More)
Albumin is one of the most extensively studied endogenous proteins which are used in the fabrication of drug delivery and diagnostic technologies during last 10 years. This review provides a summary of products involving the use of albumin as a drug delivery tool for getting better the pharmacokinetics of a drug by developing the targetted drug delivery(More)
Although the majority of serious cases in the world are concerned with snake bite envenomation, but those which are caused by scorpion stings are also famous for causing extreme pain. The present view is an attempt to enlist scientifically ignored medicinal plants of Pakistan exhibiting anti-scorpion venom activity. In this review data of 35 medicinal(More)
BACKGROUND Excess sodium intake can lead to hypertension, the primary risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The aim of this study was to investigate the sodium and potassium contents of foodstuff used by infants and children of Pakistan. METHODS We analyzed the sodium and potassium contents of infant milk formula (<6 months), follow up milk formula (>6(More)
Trace heavy metals, such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, chromium, nickel, and mercury, are important environmental pollutants, particularly in areas with high anthropogenic pressure. In addition to these metals, copper, manganese, iron, and zinc are also important trace micronutrients. The presence of trace heavy metals in the atmosphere, soil, and water can(More)
Tumor progression is supported by the lymphatic system which should be scanned efficiently for tumor staging as well as the enhanced therapeutic outcomes. Poor resolution and low sensitivity is a limitation of traditional lymphatic imaging modalities; thus new noninvasive approaches like nanocarriers, magnetic resonance imaging, positron-emission(More)
Naja naja karachiensis envenomation was found to hit more drastically heart, liver, and kidneys. 400 μg/kg of venom-raised moderate serum levels of ALT (72 ± 4.70 U/L, 0.1 > P > 0.05), AST (157 ± 24.24 U/L, 0.1 > P > 0.05), urea (42 ± 3.08 mg/dL, 0.05 > P > 0.02), creatinine (1.74 ± 0.03 mg/dL, 0.01 > P > 0.001), CK-MB (21 ± 1.5 U/L, 0.05 > P > 0.02), and(More)
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