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The imaging resolution of a conventional optical microscope is limited by diffraction to ~200 nm in the visible spectrum. Efforts to overcome such limits have stimulated the development of optical nanoscopes using metamaterial superlenses, nanoscale solid immersion lenses and molecular fluorescence microscopy. These techniques either require an illuminating(More)
Laser surface patterning by Contact Particles Lens Arrays (CPLA) has been widely utilized for patterning of smooth surfaces but there is no technique developed by which CPLA can be deposited on a rough surface. For deposition of CPLA, conventional techniques require the surface to be flat, smooth and hydrophilic. In this study, a new method for the(More)
This research paper demonstrates the robustness of Bi-level Burrows Wheeler Compression Algorithm (BBWCA) in terms of the compression efficiency for different types of image data. The scheme was designed to take advantage of the increased inter-pixel redundancies resulting from a two pass Burrows Wheeler Transformation (BWT) stage and the use of Reversible(More)
Blind image deblurring relies on a good estimation of Point Spread Function (PSF) and the utilization of an effective restoration filter. Even if the PSF is estimated well, the deblurring result depends heavily on the abilities of the restoration filter to produce a good approximation of the pristine image. Blind Image Quality Measures (IQMs) that guide the(More)
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