Ashesh K. Sinha

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Mortality after hip fractures in the elderly is one of the most important patient outcome measures. Subclinical thyroid dysfunction is common in the elderly population. This is a prospective study of 131 elderly patients with a mean (SD) age of 82.0 (8.9) years (range: 61-94) admitted consecutively to our trauma unit. The aim of the study was to determine(More)
The possibility of occult hip fracture in older patients after a fall is a common problem in emergency and orthopaedic departments. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning is the best investigation, but is expensive and may be difficult to obtain. The value of various clinical signs to determine which patients are at risk of occult hip fracture has not(More)
Petroleum industry supply chain is a complex supply chain with large number of processes starting right from extraction till customer delivery. In this paper multi-agent technology has been applied to make the supply chain faster as compared to conventional supply chain practices. Here a representative but exhaustive model is considered, by taking into(More)
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