Asher Voskoboinik

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A frequency-sweep-free method for distributed Brillouin sensing is proposed, having the potential for fast dynamic strain measurements. In this reported implementation of the method, multiple probe waves with carefully chosen optical frequencies simultaneously propagate in the fiber against an equal number of sequentially-launched, short pump pulses of(More)
Systematic data on the dependence of the melting curve parameters of DNA from different organisms on the concentration of salt (C2H5)5NBr have been obtained. The melting curves were studied by spectrophotometric as well as by microcalorimetric methods. The DNA melting range width is shown to pass through the minimum value delta0T = 0.6 +/- 0.1 degrees at(More)
We propose a method of reconfigurable radio frequency up/downconversion using a parametric optical loop mirror. The baseband optical signal can be unconverted to a carrier-suppressed radio-over-fiber signal at a wide range of frequencies without the help of optical filters to remove the optical carrier. Upconversion of up to 60 GHz and downconversion from(More)
St. aureus enterotoxins A and B possess an antitumour effect. After intraperitoneal inoculation they decrease the size and in some cases prevent the development of the human hypernephroma in the cheek pouch of golden hamsters. The effect of enterotoxins may possibly consist in inducing the production of endogenous immune interferon which activates the host(More)
Human papovavirus isolated from human malignant paraganglioma was found to have pathologic relevance to golden hamsters of varying age inducing sarcomas in adults, when given intracerebrally, and lesions of central nervous system in newborns inoculated subcutaneously. T-antigen, immunologically related to that of SV40 was detected in tumor cells. Infectious(More)
Fast reconstruction of the whole Brillouin gain spectrum is experimentally demonstrated using sweep-free Brillouin optical time-domain analysis (SF-BOTDA). Strain variations with the frequencies up to 400 Hz are spectrally analyzed, achieving strain sensitivity of 1 microstrain per root Hz at a sampling rate of 5.5 kHz and a spatial resolution of 4m. The(More)
SV40 T-antigen was isolated from hamster tumors and purified about 1600-fold by the procedure including successive ammonium sulfate precipitation, chromatography on DEAE-cellulose, preparative polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and elimination of the bulk of contaminating cell proteins by the interaction with antibodies to the tissues of normal hamsters.(More)
In the course of study of the transformed cells of line 63 the phenomenon of cyclically repeated transitory infection of the level of separate cells accompanied by the periodically isolated DNA-containing virus has been shown. Virus reproduction was judged by the determination of the infectious and hemagglutinating activities and radioactivity. The(More)