Asheq Khan

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Sensing for the system-wide diagnosis of dimensional faults in multi-fixture sheet metal assembly presents significant issues of complexity due to the number of levels of assembly and the number of possible faults at each level. The traditional allocation of sensing at a single measurement station is no longer sufficient to guarantee adequate fault(More)
— In many ad hoc deployments, making broadcasting , a critical function component, power efficient is extremely important. Current power-adaptive approaches proposed for broadcasting, can be grouped into a) centralized or omniscient schemes, and b) decentralized or localized schemes. The latter assume only local neighborhood information. Due to the absence(More)
A triangulation-based coverage scheme using mobile sensor nodes (MSNs) has several applications in localization, 3D imaging and coordinated search operation. In this work, we introduce an efficient failure-tolerant mobile traversal algorithm (FTMTA) that provides a triangulation-based coverage of a field. FTMTA employs <i>N</i> MSNs such that, upto <i>N</i>(More)
— In a Triangulation-based coverage scheme, a group of three mobile sensor nodes (MSN) position themselves to form an equilateral triangle for a desired period of time. Such a scheme has several applications in localization, environmental monitoring and coordinated target tracking. In this work, we introduce an efficient mobile traversal algorithm (MTA)(More)