Asha Seth Kapadia

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OBJECTIVE To define the test characteristics of four methods of screening for diabetic retinopathy. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Four screening methods (an exam by an ophthalmologist through dilated pupils using direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy, an exam by a physician's assistant through dilated pupils using direct ophthalmoscopy, a single 45 degrees(More)
OBJECTIVE The objectives of the current study were to examine the trends in incidence rates of subsite-specific colorectal cancer at all stages in a large US population and to explore the impact of age and sex on colorectal cancer incidence. METHODS Data were obtained from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) 9 registries. Colorectal(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous published studies have shown the high diagnostic performance of both EUS and MRCP compared with ERCP for the detection of choledocholithiasis. DESIGN We undertook a systematic review of all published randomized, prospective trials that compared EUS with MRCP with the primary aim being to compare the overall diagnostic accuracy for the(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence of awareness and use of evidence-based reproductive health interventions and to describe the barriers associated with the use of evidence-based interventions among health providers in north-west Cameroon. METHODS In February 2004, a population-based descriptive study of the awareness and use of 13 evidence-based(More)
BACKGROUND The prognosis of esophageal cancer (EC) depends on the depth of tumor invasion and lymph node metastasis. EC limited to the mucosa (T1a) can be treated effectively with minimally invasive endoscopic therapy, whereas submucosal (T1b) EC carries relatively high risk of lymph node metastasis and requires surgical resection. OBJECTIVE To determine(More)
OBJECTIVE To attempt to confirm a previous report of superior effectiveness of using two thyroid hormones rather than one hormone to treat hypothyroidism. METHODS This trial attempted to replicate prior findings, which suggested that substituting 12.5 microg of liothyronine (LT(3)) for 50 microg of levothyroxine (LT(4)) might improve mood, cognition, and(More)
Astronauts live and work in relatively crowded, confined environments on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. They experience a unique set of stressors that contribute to a diminishment of many immune responses. This study investigated the ability of the shuttle crew members' monocytes to respond to gram-negative endotoxin that they could(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the factors associated with important (> or =50%) variation in awareness and practice of evidence-based obstetric interventions in an African setting where we have previously reported poor awareness and use of evidence-based reproductive interventions. DESIGN Cross-sectional analysis of data from our Reproductive Health Interventions(More)
Forty aviators with otorhinolaryngologic pathology, previously considered physically disqualified for flight status, were tested in the hypobaric chamber to evaluate tolerance to rapid barometric pressure changes. Testing consisted of three sequential trials in the low-pressure chamber (LPC) at rates of 1,524 m, the second to 3,048 m, and the third to 5,486(More)