Asha Dookun-Saumtally

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FOR THE second time, the International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists (ISSCT) pathology and molecular biology workshops were jointly held, from 23–27 June 2008 in Cali, Colombia. The meeting was hosted by CENICAÑA and organised by Jorge I. Victoria and Jershon López-Gerena. The response of participants was positive with 44 delegates representing 15(More)
In this study we used amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) and microsatellite (short sequence repeat or SSR) markers to identify a major quantitative trail locus (QTL) for yellow spot (Mycovellosiella koepkei) disease resistance in sugarcane. A bi-parental cross between a resistant variety, M 134/75, and a susceptible parent, R 570, generated a(More)
Sugarcaneyellow leaf virus (SCYLV) is widely distributed in Mauritius, but so far the characterisation of genotypes of the virus has not been determined. RT-PCR primers were used to identify genetic diversity of the virus in a variety collection plot. Total nucleic acids were extracted from leaves of thirteen introduced varieties infected by SCYLV and a(More)
Maize streak virus (MSV), an important pathogen of maize in Africa, is the most extensively studied member of the Mastrevirus genus in the family Geminiviridae. Comparatively little is known about other monocot-infecting African mastreviruses, most of which infect uncultivated grasses. Here we determine the complete sequences of 134 full African mastrevirus(More)
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