Asha-Dee N. Celestine

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Self-healing in orthopedic bone cement is demonstrated with a novel thermoplastic solvent-bonding approach. Low toxicity solvent-filled microcapsules, embedded in a commercial acrylic bone cement matrix, enable recovery of up to 80% of the virgin fracture toughness of the cement at room and body temperature conditions without external stimuli or human(More)
Fully autonomous, room temperature self-healing in PMMA is achieved for the first time through the use of microcapsules containing a solvent. Linear PMMA is embedded with microcapsules (ca. 300 mm) containing a liquid anisole solvent core and a small amount of linear PMMA polymer for healing of crack damage. Specimens containing a range of concentrations of(More)
Fracture-induced mechanochemical activation is achieved for the first time in a structural engineering polymer. Rubber toughened PMMA is lightly cross-linked (1.0 mol%) with the mechanophore spiropyran by free radical polymerization. Single Edge Notch Tension tests are performed on the spiropyran-linked material and a distinct change in color and(More)
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