Asha B Rupani

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Central nervous system (CNS) involvement is extremely rare in anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). Primary ALCL of CNS on radiology is often misdiagnosed as tuberculosis. We report a fatal case of primary ALCL of CNS in a 17 year old male. He came with history of headache and left partial seizures. MRI showed a well- circumscribed lesion in the right(More)
Analysis of biochemical constituents of the vitreous humor can be useful in determining the postmortem interval as there is proportionate postmortem rise of potassium and fall in sodium concentration. We studied 120 autopsy cases to determine the utility of potassium, sodium, calcium, and chloride levels, and sodium/potassium ratio in estimating the(More)
Over the last few years there has been a rise in the incidence of fatal malaria in urban areas of India, and this worrying trend is a major cause of concern for the national health authorities. The spectrum of histopathological changes that occur in the livers of Indian subjects with fatal malaria has recently been investigated, in a retrospective(More)
Idiopathic renal replacement lipomatosis is a rare condition in which the renal parenchyma, especially the renal sinus is replaced with adipose tissue with increase in perirenal fat. We report a case of renal replacement lipomatosis presenting as a renal mass clinically. The computed tomography scan revealed low density and nodular masses of adipose tissue(More)
Malacoplakia is a rare chronic inflammatory condition of the urinary tract frequently involving the urinary bladder. We present a case of 35 year old female with malacoplakia of the urinary bladder which was thought to be malignant on the cystoscopic examination. The diagnosis of malacoplakia was made on the biopsy. Since clinical and cystoscopic features(More)
BACKGROUND The process of audit standardizes protocols in departments and has long-term benefits. Maternal autopsies though routinely performed, deserve a special attention. AIMS This study was carried out to calculate the maternal mortality ratio (MMR) in a tertiary care hospital and to correlate final cause of death with the clinical diagnosis. An audit(More)
Tuberculous myocarditis is one of the rare causes of sudden death. We report a case of 65-year-old female who came with diabetic foot and died suddenly after 2 days of hospital stay. On autopsy, she was found to have tuberculous myocarditis with granulomatous inflammation only in the liver and without pulmonary or mediastinal lymph node involvement. These(More)
Bednar tumor is an uncommon variant of dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans. Also known as pigmented dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans, this tumor is of intermediate grade. It is seen in adults and has a predisposition to affect the shoulder region. We report a rare case of Bednar tumor in a 40-year-old female patient. The diagnosis of Bednar tumor must be(More)