Asha Anand Dharwadkar

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Cardioprotective mechanism in females during reproductive phase is unclear. New perspective explains cardioprotective function of progesterone. Progesterone, the intermediary metabolic product in synthesis of steroid hormones, with t/2 of 30 min, stimulates respiratory center inducing respiratory alkalosis in turn lowers plasma ionic calcium. This results(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate pulmonary functions in patients with Type-2 diabetes mellitus and to determine their correlation with glycemic status of diabetes in Indian population. Forty Type-2 diabetic patients, aged 30-60 years, with diabetic duration of 1-20 years, were included in the study. FVC, FEV1, & FEV1% are recorded by Benedict's(More)
The au tonomic nervous sys tem i s v i ta l for homeostasis and its potency is gradually reduced wi th increas ing age (1 ) . Because ANS faci l i ta tes adaptat ion to physiological s t ress , au tonomic insuf f ic iency in e lder ly may not manifest itself under normal resting condi t ions , ye t may occur in response to changes in homeostasis (2). In old(More)
Background: Oral water ingestion increases blood volume, and hence blood pressure (BP) which in turn increases intraocular pressure (IOP). The aim of the present study was to know the interrelationship between BP and IOP of both the sides, before and after water ingestion, in young healthy male subjects. Methods: This is a comparative and interrelationship(More)
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