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Nowadays, DGs are widely used in the power systems to improve the overall conditions of the network. Less environmental impact, high electric efficiency, low variable maintenance cost, quick start up, low installation cost and many other benefits, encourage the system manager to utilize this type of generation in the network. One of the most important(More)
In this paper, a new method is proposed to design a sliding mode controller with variable boundary layer for a nonlinear system. In this method, model predictive control (MPC) is used to predict the future boundary layer thickness. In order to predict the behavior of the nonlinear system, a neural network model is used as an internal model. The simulation(More)
Multi-objective optimisation problems normally have not one but a set of solutions, which are called Pareto-optimal solutions or non-dominated solutions. Once a Pareto-optimal set has been obtained, the decision-maker faces the challenge of analysing a potentially large set of solutions. Selecting one solution over others can be quite a challenging task(More)
Binary Knapsack Problem (BKP) is to select a subset of an element (item) set with the highest value while keeping the total weight within the capacity of the knapsack. is paper presents an integer programming model for a variation of BKP where the value of each element may depend on selecting or ignoring other elements. Strengths of such Value-Related(More)
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