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In the present study, feasibility of laboratory detection of damaged seeds in precision planters caused by malfunction of seed metering device was investigated. An acoustic-based intelligent system was developed for detection of damaged pelleted tomato seeds. To improve the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) models a total of 2000 seeds sound signals, 1000(More)
This study was conducted to detect and classify different almond varieties based on their shell thickness and hardness by using an impact acoustic system combined with artificial neural networks (ANNs). To develop the ANN models, a total of 6000 almond sound signals, 1000 samples for each genotype, was recorded. Almond nuts are dropped onto a steel impact(More)
The purpose of this study was investigate the first four formant frequencies of sustained vowels in normal Malaysian Malay children to find out the effect of age and gender on them. Thus there were several studies about formant frequencies which have been done for adults so far, but still look into the formant frequencies of Malay vowels produced by Malay(More)
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