Asghar Ebrahimi

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Effects of nitrogen starter fertilizer and plant density on yield and oil and protein content of soybean (Glycine max L. Merr) are not well understood, because nitrogen starter fertilizer and plant density has been tested separately. Two years field experiment was conducted to evaluate effects of these factors on yield, yield components, oil and protein(More)
OBJECTIVES Clinical studies of treating traumatic brain injury (TBI) with autologous adult stem cells led us to examine the impression of a combination therapy. This was performed by intravenous injection of human umbilical cord matrix stem cell (hUCMSC-Wharton(,)s jelly stem cell) with bone marrow cell mobilized by granulocytecolony stimulating factor(More)
Wet air oxidation is regarded as appropriate options for wastewater treatment with average organic compounds. The general purpose of this research is to determine the efficiency of three wet air oxidation methods, wet oxidation with hydrogen peroxide and absorption with activated carbon in removing organic matter and nitrogenous compounds from Isfahan's(More)
The treatment of municipal wastewater from Yazd city (center of Iran) by constructed wetland vegetated with Cyperus alternifolius was assessed. Two identical wetlands with a total working volume of 60 L and 10 cm sandy layer at the bottom were used. First wetland (W1) was control and had no Cyperus alternifolius plant. Second wetland (W2) had 100 Cyperus(More)
In this paper a new type of cavity filter is investigated. The device is based on a Fabry–Perot interferometer which employing a cavity and two dielectric Bragg mirrors. The cavity filter uses multi layers of ( 2 SiO ) and (ZnS) to produce a multi layers ZnS/ 2 SiO cavity filter operating in the center wavelength of 1550 (nm). Zinc sulfide is used in this(More)
This article suggests a Quaternary Voltage-Mode Half-Adder Circuit with high speed and low power and capacity consumption. This quaternary circuit is composed of Max Operator, Min Operator, Level Conversion Operator, and Tsum and T-difference Operators Circuits. All these circuits are static and need no current in steady state. All these operators are(More)
Nowadays, application of natural wastewater treatment systems such as wetland not only reduces economic costs and energy consumption, but also decreases environmental pollution. This study aimed to compare efficiency of Cyperus alternifolius and Phragmites australis in Municipal wastewater treatment by Subsurface Constructed Wetland Method. This is an(More)
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