Asger Munk Nielsen

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ÐThis paper presents a floating-point addition algorithm and adder pipeline design employing a packet forwarding pipeline paradigm. The packet forwarding format and the proposed algorithms constitute a new paradigm for handling data hazards in deeply pipelined floating-point pipelines. The addition and rounding algorithms employ a four stage execution phase(More)
Acknowledgments I would like to thank my adviser professor Peter Kornerup for his supportive and \mentor like" attitude, which has made the writing of this thesis a pleasure. I would also like to thank dr. Texas for inviting me to visit their respective groups and hosting enjoyable stays. Thanks are also due to the Danish Research Council for nancial(More)
We develop a formal account of digit serial number representations by describing them as strings from a language. A preex of a string represents an interval approximating a number by enclosure. Standard on-line representations are shown to be a special case of the general digit serial representations. Matrices are introduced as representations of intervals(More)
This paper presents a thorough analysis of radix representations of elements from general rings, in particular we study the questions of redundancy, completeness and mappings into such representations. After a brief description of the more usual representations of integers, a more detailed analysis of various complex number systems is performed. This(More)
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