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Information on the performance of different instruments used to measure blood lactate concentration is incomplete. We therefore examined instruments from Yellow Springs Instruments (YSI 23L and YSI 1500) and three cheaper and simpler instruments: Dr. Lange's LP8+, Lactate Pro from Arkray in the KDK corporation and Accusport from Boehringer Mannheim. First,(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the performance of the Moxus Modular Metabolic System from AEI Technologies, Inc. using the Douglas-bag method as reference. To achieve this, eight moderately trained subjects cycled for 5 min at constant powers from 50 to 300 W in increments of 50 W. The O₂ uptake was measured simultaneously by both systems during(More)
BACKGROUND Early retirement is an increasing problem in the construction industry. There is limited information about causes leading employees to leave working life early. We have compared construction workers present situation with their perception of future demands at work to avoid early retirement. METHODS All 87 employees in a medium-sized Norwegian(More)
This paper describes cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factor levels in a population-representative sample of healthy, rural Norwegian children and examines the association between fitness and clustering of CVD risk factors. Final analyses included 111 boys and 116 girls (mean age 9.3+/-0.3). To determine the degree of clustering, six CVD risk factors were(More)
The aim of this study was to describe changes in children's cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) following a school-based physical activity (PA) intervention. In total, 259 children (age 9.3 ± 0.3 years) were invited to participate, of whom 256 participated. The children from the intervention school (63 boys, 62 girls) carried out 60-min PA over 2 school years.(More)
The performance of the Metamax I and the Metamax II portable analysers for measuring the O2 uptake has been examined during exercise. Healthy subjects ran on the treadmill or bicycled on ergometers while the O2 uptake was measured by the Metamaxes and also by the Douglas bag technique or the Vmax 29 instrument. In the first series of experiments, O2 uptake(More)
BACKGROUND While the health benefits of physical activity are well established, little is known about health effects of physical activity programs initiated by employer. METHODS Background data and level of physical activity were collected by questionnaire among 78 men and 43 women working in road maintenance pre and post an 8-week physical activity(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of a 2-year school-based physical activity (PA) intervention in 9-year-old children on cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors. One intervention school (I-school) (n=125) and one control school (C-school) (n=131) were included. The children at the I-school carried out 60 min of PA daily. The PA lessons(More)
Risperidone, a novel antipsychotic agent, is an antagonist of postsynaptic serotonin-2 and dopamine D2 receptors. In certain individuals, the hallucinogenic drug lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) is associated with apparently lifelong continuous visual disturbances, characterized in DSM-IV as hallucinogen-persisting perception disorder (HPPD). Because the(More)
AIM To describe cardiorespiratory fitness and body mass index (BMI) values in a representative population of 9-year-old Norwegian children in two rural communities and compare present values with previous findings. METHODS Two hundred and fifty-nine 9-year-old children were invited, and 256 participated in this study. Maximal oxygen uptake was directly(More)