Aser Avinash Ekka

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Real-time distributed system, which is designed to provide solutions in a stringent timing constraint requires faulttolerance. This paper presents a new fault-tolerant scheme and an adaptive FT on heterogeneous multi-component distributed system architecture based on Distributed Recovery Block (DRB). The experiment shows that, the proposed scheme based on(More)
Performance of distributed systems can be improved from scheduling of tasks aspect. A good scheduling algorithm can enhance the performance of the distributed system significantly. In this paper we have compared the performance of batch mode and immediate mode schedulers in heterogeneous distributed computing environment. An immediate mode scheduler only(More)
The article describes the scheduling system for heterogeneous distributed computing systems. The scheduler based on minimal cover method. The analysis of the effectiveness of the scheduling system for tasks with varying intensity, the law of distribution complexity. The advantage of the method of minimal cover compared to FCFS. A system of rules for the(More)
Early attention has focused on DNA because its properties are extremely attractive as a basis for a computational system. In this paper, we have proposed a new framework for assigning task in heterogeneous Real time distributed system(RTDS) including the cost of path connecting the nodes. The proposed approach is based upon a DNA replication technique using(More)
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