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This report shows the level of scientific consensus on definition, characteristics and health benefits of probiotics. The content of the report has derived from the scientific meeting: Workshop on Probiotics and Health. Scientific evidence, that congregated several Spanish experts, including gastroenterologists, microbiologists, nutritionists, immunologists(More)
INTRODUCTION Alzheimer s disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disease and (it accounts for 60-80 %). The certain diagnosis is made thanks to the brain patients study. Since 1970 there have been developed experimental models that have done a deep approach of this disease and new therapeutic researching. METHODS We review all the papers(More)
INTRODUCTION Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the first cause of dementia (60-80%). The causal genes with autosomal dominant inheritance in the early onset forms (APP, PSEN-1, PSEN-2) and one susceptibility gene in the late onset forms (APOE) are described. DEVELOPMENT Causal genes involved in the early onset forms account for approximately 5% of the total.(More)
The term technology is derived from the Greek words tékhne and lógos. Technique and technic(s) also come from tékhne. This Greek word and its Latin equivalent ars both belong to the same semantic field, referring primarily to a skill or practical process, a know-how and its products, be they objects or actions. Technology can, therefore, mean two things: i)(More)
INTRODUCTION Low-grade inflammation and increased immunity related to cardiovascular diseases have been described in children and adults, however, studies in Mexican adolescents are being done at present. OBJECTIVE To evaluate inflammatory proteins and indicators of immunity in adolescents by gender and body mass index. MATERIAL AND METHODS 115 Mexican(More)