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The Brazilian sandy coastal plain named restinga is frequently subjected to particulate and gaseous emissions from iron ore factories. These gases may come into contact with atmospheric moisture and(More)
Particulate matter is a natural occurrence in the environment, but some industries, such as the iron ore sector, can raise the total amount of particles in the atmosphere. This industry is primarily(More)
The present study aims to evaluate the effect of water salinity from irrigation on the electrical conductivity of the saturated extract of soil (CEes) and the alterations of the physiological(More)
Plant growth and development are associated with access to minerals and phytohormones. Some microorganisms solubilize phosphate, producing phytohormones with functional features of plant growth(More)
AbstractEvaluation of photosynthetic efficiency is critical for studies on plant responses to environmental conditions as well as for genotype selection; however, there is a lack of reliable and(More)