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The benefits of using linear mixed-effects models for occupational exposure assessment were studied by re-analysing three data sets from two published surveys with repeated exposure measurements. The relative contributions of particular characteristics affecting exposure levels were assessed as in a multiple regression model, while controlling for the(More)
Twenty-four medicated schizophrenic subjects participated in a study aimed at assessing language dysfunction in schizophrenia. Two groups of subjects participated: schizophrenic responders and non-responders to treatment with antipsychotic medication. All subjects were tested on The Western Aphasia Battery test (WAB), the Cookie Theft picture descriptions(More)
Purpose: The purpose of the paper is to manufacture the polymer matrix composites using vacuum assisted resin infusion molding. Design/methodology/approach: Electrical heating resistances are used for heating of table. The temperature control is achieved by means of acquiring temperatures using thermocouples located beneath the table surface. VARIM table is(More)
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