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We use a second-price common-value auction, called the maximal game, to experimentally study whether the winner’s curse (WC) can be explained by models which retain best-response behavior but allow for inconsistent beliefs. We compare behavior in a regular version of the maximal game, where the WC can be explained by inconsistent beliefs, to behavior in(More)
We experimentally test an endogenous-timing investment model in which subjects privately observe their cost of investing and a signal correlated with the common investment return. Subjects overinvest, relative to Nash. We separately consider whether subjects draw inferences, in hindsight, and use foresight to delay profitable investment and learn from(More)
We experimentally study behavior in an endogenous-timing herding game. We find that subjects respond to their type and to observed investment activity in a sensible way, but there are also substantial departures from Nash Equilibrium. Some departures can be viewed as mere noise in decision making while other departures represent systematic biases reflecting(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE A young patient group with the symptoms of acquired spinal stenosis has been identified recently in the literature. The patients between 25-50 years of age were found to have signs of lumbar spinal stenosis because of degenerative spinal changes. Some of them were operated on using the same limited decompression approaches as the(More)
The open 3-month study of influence of D2/D3 dopamine agonist pramipexole on of Parkinson's disease (PD) features, which are relatively resistant to traditional dopaminergic therapy: tremor, affective and cognitive impairment, has been conducted. Ninety-eight patients with PD, aged from 42 to 75 years (mean age 63,2+/-10,2 years), have been included in the(More)
An open observational 3-month study of efficacy and safety of selective MAO B inhibitor rasagiline (АZIlect) in advanced Parkinson's disease (PD) patients with mоtor fluctuations on the long-term levodopa therapy (the "АZIMUT" study) has been conducted. Forty five non-demented patients with PD (mean age 64,7±8,4 years, mean duration of disease 9,5±4,0(More)
We examine in the laboratory how having the opportunity to donate to a charity in the future affects the likelihood of currently engaging in dishonest behavior. We also examine how charitable donations are affected by past ethical choices. Subjects first complete a task which determines their payoff. They then self-report their performance, which provides(More)
Echo ranging and perfusion scintigraphy were performed in 52 adolescents and young subjects with new-onset pulmonary tuberculosis. At admission, enhanced myocardial echo resonance was observed in 19.2% of patients. This percentage increased to 33.9% at the end of the main treatment course. Systolic pressure in the pulmonary artery above 25 mm Hg was(More)