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Dramatic improvements in the rise-and fall-time characteristics of power MOSFETs enable PWM switching frequencies to increase by an order of magnitude. The resulting drop in required inductance permits co-packaging of the inductor and the power-supply controller. Fig. 1. Simplified schematic of a typical synchronous buck converter. The inductor current(More)
In this paper, we present a new blind image deblurring technique based on sparse representation and orthogonal projections of filtered patches. First, we use predefined sparse dictionaries to estimate an initial version of the latent image. To estimate the PSF, four stages are performed. First, a set of directional low-pass filters are applied to the input(More)
We propose a facial landmarks detector, in which a part-based model is incorporated with holistic face information. In the part-based model, the face is modeled by the appearance of different face parts and their geometric relation. The appearance is described by pixel normalized difference descriptor. This descriptor is the lowest computational complexity(More)
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