Asei Sugiyama

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This paper proposes a two-stage dereverberation algorithm with integrated reverberation and noise estimation. In the first stage, an inverse filter to the room impulse response suppresses reverberation by early reflections. Minimum mean-square error short-time spectral amplitude estimator in the second stage minimizes influence of both late reflections and(More)
Convergence, accommodation and pupil diameter were measured simultaneously while subjects were watching 3D images. The subjects were middle-aged and had weak hyperopia. WAM-5500 and EMR-9 were combined to make an original apparatus for the measurements. It was confirmed that accommodation and pupil diameter changed synchronously with convergence. These(More)
In the experimental study, we measured visibility and readability of text characters presented on a small 3D liquid crystal display (LCD) and evaluated features of the 3D character representation for application to mobile devices. For the visibility evaluation, we focused on time lag for first recognition, time required for full reading, and maximum(More)
  • A. Sugiyama
  • 2006
This paper presents practice of efficient short-term education on signal processing in internship. The author has hosted nearly sixty international and domestic internship students in the field of signal processing since 1985. By investigating the facts from the 20-year experience, an overview of internship students is provided. A suitable research type is(More)
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