Aseel Hmood

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The mining of software repositories involves the extraction of both basic and value-added information from existing software repositories. The repositories will be mined to extract facts by different stakeholders (e.g. researchers, managers) and for various purposes. To avoid unnecessary pre-processing and analysis steps, sharing and integration of both(More)
Software development and evolution are highly distributed processes that involve a multitude of supporting tools and resources. Knowledge relevant to these resources is typically dispersed over a wide range of artifacts, representation formats, and abstraction levels. In order to stay competitive, organizations are often required to assess and provide(More)
Quality has become a key assessment factor for organizations to determine if their software ecosystems are capable to meet constantly changing environmental factors and requirements. Many quality models exist to assess the evolvability or maintainability of software systems. Common to these models is that they, contrary to the software ecosystems they are(More)
The financial community assesses and analyzes fundamental qualities of stocks to predict their future performance. During the analysis different external and internal factors are considered which can affect the stock price. Financial analysts use indicators and analysis patterns, such as such as Moving Averages, Crossover patterns, and M-Top/W-Bottom(More)
For decades stock market traders make financially critical buy/sell decisions depending on external and internal factors affecting the price of individual stocks. Moving Averages combined with technical analysis patterns are some of the most basic and widely used indicators to support buy/sell decisions. In this research, we present a novel(More)
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