Aseel Berglund

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The transition to digital TV is changing the television set into an entertainment as well as information supplier device that provides two-way communication with the viewer. However, the present remote control device is not appropriate for navigation through the huge amount of services and information provided by the future digital TV, presumably also a(More)
Using speech input to augment the remote control can be an alternative interaction technique for interactive television. However, little is known about how to design such a system that is suitable for the home environment. In this paper we explore possible error resolution strategies in the case of speech recognition errors in a TV-setting. From previous(More)
Split testing is a popular practise to compare and evaluate design elements of web-sites. In this report, it is explored how split testing can be employed to test features of motion-based online games. This is done by applying theory taken from split testing of common web-pages and translating it to work with games. A pilot test is conducted on the newly(More)
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