Ase Tangerud

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UNLABELLED The present study was a proof-of-concept study to provide an initial indication of the efficacy and safety of imaging malignant breast tumors using (99m)Tc-NC100692. The agent is a small peptide with high affinity for integrin receptors that are upregulated and expressed preferentially on proliferating endothelial cells. METHODS Sixteen(More)
Eleven patients with cervicogenic headache took part in a radiological diagnostic workup related to the head and neck. All the patients were female with a mean age of 43 years (range 25-59) at the onset of the study. Cerebral and cervical computer tomography as well as standard X-ray of the spine were carried out in all patients. Six patients underwent(More)
Radiographic and real-time ultrasound measurements of femoral anteversion were compared in an anatomic study of 20 dried adult femurs. The real anteversion (AV) angle was determined by biplanar radiography. In four ultrasound measurements, the linear transducer was kept either horizontal or tilted. The measuring lines were either the anterior tangent of the(More)
Both hip joints in 156 children, aged 2 months to 2 years, were examined by ultrasonography (ultrasound) and radiography. Pathologic findings were based on an increased acetabular index, bony defects of the lateral acetabular rim, and lateral and/or proximal displacement of the proximal femur. Each hip was classified as normal, dysplasia, subluxation, or(More)
A study of ninety-five skeletons excavated from the later medieval and early Renaissance levels of a cemetery in Trondheim has revealed bone changes compatible with a treponemal infection which is suspected to be endemic syphilis. This is an important discovery as it is the earliest pathological evidence, so far reported, for this disease in Norway. The(More)
It is well established that there is an increased frequency of atlanto-axial instability in Down's syndrome. In two out of the 27 patients with Down's syndrome who were examined, there was an atlanto-axial dislocation, but without any corresponding neurological symptoms. However, scrutiny of the X-rays revealed many cases with marked degenerative changes,(More)
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