Ascensión Hernández

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Although N- and P-type Ca2+ channels predominant in fast-secreting systems, Lc-type Ca2+ channels (C-class) can play a similar role in certain secretory cells and synapses. For example, in retinal bipolar cells, Ca2+ entry through the Lc channels triggers ultrafast exocytosis, and in pancreatic beta-cells, evoked secretion is highly sensitive to Ca2+. These(More)
The beta1a subunit of the skeletal muscle voltage-gated Ca2+ channel plays a fundamental role in the targeting of the channel to the tubular system as well as in channel function. To determine whether this cytosolic auxiliary subunit is also a regulatory protein of Ca2+ release from the sarcoplasmic reticulum in vivo, we pressure-injected the beta1a subunit(More)
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