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Infrared spectral study of CO adsorption on molecular-beam epitaxially grown, fcc iron films on Cu(100)
Abstract Adsorption of CO at 90 K on molecular-beam epitaxially grown iron films on Cu(100) has been investigated using infrared reflection–absorption spectroscopy (IRRAS). The characteristic COExpand
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In situ FT-IR and photoluminescence study of porous silicon during exposure to F2, H2O, and D2O
Abstract In situ FT-IR, photoluminescence (PL), and Raman spectral changes of porous silicon (PS) during F 2 and subsequent D 2 O (H 2 O) exposures were investigated at room temperature. TheExpand
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Infrared reflection absorption spectroscopic study for CO adsorption on molecular beam epitaxially grown Fe films on Cu(1 1 1)
Abstract Adsorption of CO at 90 K on molecular beam epitaxially grown Fe films on Cu(1 1 1) has been investigated using IR reflection absorption spectroscopy (IRRAS). Reflection high energy electronExpand
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The present invention provides a pyrophosphoric acid bath for use in Cu-Sn alloy plating without containing a cyanic ion comprising a reaction product (A) of an amine derivative and an epihalohydrinExpand
Self-Assembly and Photoisomerizationof Azobenzenealkanethiol Derivativeson Gold Films: Infrared Reflection Absorption Studies
Self-assembly and photoisomerization of 4-(4'-(phenylazo) phenoxy) undecane-1-thiol and its fluoro- and methoxy-phenylazo derivatives on evaporated goldfilms have been characterized by infraredExpand
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Dynamic photoluminescence change of porous Si upon exposure to thermoelectrons/D atoms and D2O
In situ photoluminescence (PL) and transmission IR spectral measurements have been carried out for porous Si (PS) after exposure to thermoelectrons and subsequent exposure to D atoms or D2O. UponExpand
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Photoluminescence and Raman Spectral Study of Porous Si during F$_{\bf 2}$ Exposure
Visible luminescence and Raman spectral changes of porous Si (PS) during F2 exposure were recorded. F2 exposure of the PS under Ar+ laser light (488 nm) irradiation at 373 K leads to a significantExpand
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