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—This paper introduces a novel parameter automation strategy for the particle swarm algorithm and two further extensions to improve its performance after a predefined number of generations. Initially, to efficiently control the local search and convergence to the global optimum solution, time-varying acceleration coefficients (TVAC) are introduced in(More)
In this paper, a modified particle swarm optimisation algorithm is proposed for protein sequence motif discovery. Protein sequences are represented as a chain of symbols and a protein sequence motif is a short sequence that exists in most of the protein sequence families. Protein sequence symbols are converted into numbers using a one to one amino acid(More)
A characterization of textured patterns, referred to as the disorder function delta(beta), is used to study properties of patterns generated in the Swift-Hohenberg equation (SHE). It is shown to be an intensive, configuration-independent measure. The evolution of random initial states under the SHE exhibits two stages of relaxation. The initial phase, where(More)
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