Asamichi Takamine

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This paper introduces the concept of first-person animal activity recognition, the problem of recognizing activities from a view-point of an animal (e.g., a dog). Similar to first-person activity recognition scenarios where humans wear cameras, our approach estimates activities performed by an animal wearing a camera. This enables monitoring and(More)
The hyperfine splittings of ground state Be+11 have been measured precisely by laser-microwave double resonance spectroscopy for trapped and laser cooled beryllium ions. The ions were produced at relativistic energies and subsequently slowed down and trapped at mK temperatures. The magnetic hyperfine structure constant of Be+11 was determined to be(More)
The ground state hyperfine splitting of (7)Be+ has been measured by laser-microwave double-resonance spectroscopy in the online rf trap of RIKEN's slow RI-beam facility. Be ions produced by projectile fragmentation of 13C at approximately 1 GeV were thermalized in a rf ion guide gas cell and subsequently laser cooled in the ion trap to approximately 1(More)
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