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Vitamin K is essential for the posttranslational modification of various Gla proteins. Although it is widespread in several organs, including the testis, the function of vitamin K in these organs is not well characterized. In this study, we investigated the function of vitamin K in the testis and analyzed its role in steroidogenesis. Eight-week-old male(More)
Vitamin K is essential for the posttranslational modifications of blood coagulation factors and proteins present in the bone matrix. Vitamin K is distributed not only in the liver and bones but is also abundant in the brain, kidney, and gonadal tissues. However, the function of extra-hepatic/bone vitamin K has not been fully elucidated. Previously, we(More)
Testosterone levels in men decrease with age; this decline has been linked to various diseases and can shorten life expectancy. Geranylgeraniol (GGOH) is an isoprenoid found in plants that plays an important role in several biological processes; however, its role in steroidogenesis is unknown. Here, we report that GGOH enhances the production of(More)
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