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In this paper, it is proposed a new methodology based on invariant moments and multi-class support vector machine (MCSVM) for classification of human parasite eggs in microscopic images. The MCSVM is one of the most used classifiers but it has not used for classification of human parasite eggs to date. This method composes four stages. These are(More)
This paper presents a comparative study of implementation of feature extraction and classification algorithms based on discrete wavelet decompositions and Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) for digital modulation recognition. Here, in first stage, 20 different feature extraction methods are generated by separately using Daubechies,(More)
Millions of people in the world suffer from urinary incontinence and overactive bladder with the major causes for the symptoms being stress, urge, overflow and functional incontinence. For a more effective treatment of these ailments, a detailed understanding of the urinary flow dynamics is required. This challenging task is not easy to achieve due to the(More)
Since students of online education do not meet face to face in a classroom environment, students get engaged to the classes via third party content or learning management tools. It is evident that young people spend most of their time on Social Networking websites when they are connected to internet. These sites provide free of speech environment without(More)
The importance of clean energy sources was realised rapidly after the negative effects of the pollution caused by generators on the environment became clear. Wind energy is a clean and renewable energy source whose applications exist worldwide. Some countries changed their national energy forward planning for renewable clean energy projects. In developed(More)
The recent development in Information Communication Technology (ICT) has made changes in every aspect in our life. These changes are clearly reflected in cyberspace-related areas. The positive influence of cyberspace on knowledge, trade and business, and communication is undoubtable. However, there is a dark side of cyberspace deteriorates its peaceful(More)
Many mobile device makers now incorporate biometric security features into their products. And, some device manufacturers now allow application developers to use these features via their software development kits (SDKs). In this study, we utilize fingerprint scanning and recognition technology, a popular biometric security feature, to develop a web login(More)
Biometrics is a term used to define an individual's DNA, hand geometry, face, etc. or behavioral characteristics, such as hand signature, voice tone, keystrokes and so on. For that reason, these biological characteristics are unique for every individual. In many situations, face recognition related technologies are becoming more popular among(More)
Engineering. I declare that proposed system in thesis is my own work with all simulations and programming. IV DEDICATION I dedicate my thesis to my father, Abdul HAMID (Late). V ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I want to thank all the staff members of Department of Software Engineering at Firat University, without their help it was impossible for me to complete my Master.(More)
Health is a vital asset in human life. Once your health is damaged, the importance of assets such as money, house, and car lose significance in your eyes. With people working harder than ever and the improvements in technology that make life easier, people are becoming less active and do not look after their health. It is human nature that we understand the(More)