Asad Abdul Malik

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The diversity in source and target languages coupled with source language ambiguity makes Machine Translation (MT) an exceptionally hard problem. The highly information intensive corpus based MT leads the MT research field today, with Example Based MT and Statistical MT representing two dissimilar frameworks in the data-driven paradigm. Example Based MT is(More)
Reducing power dissipation after technology mapping by structural transformations. Circuit activity based logic synthesis for low power reliable operations. " IEEE Advanced Automatic test pattern generation and redundancy identification techniques. circuit design using synthesis and optimization. On average power dissipation and random pattern testability(More)
Integration of retiming with architectural floorplanning: A new design methodology for DSM, Algorithms for the transient simulation of lossy interconnect, " IEEE Trans. Two-level minimization of multi-valued functions with large offsets, Sequential test generation and synthesis for testability at the register-transfer and logic levels, " IEEE Trans. Fast(More)
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