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PURPOSE To compare the effects of L-carnitine with clomiphene citrate in idiopathic infertile men. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty-two men with idiopathic infertility were recruited in this randomized controlled trial. They were randomly assigned into 2 treatment groups, group 1 (n = 20) and group 2 (n = 32), who received L-carnitine 25 mg/day and clomiphene(More)
INTRODUCTION Cystinuria is an autosomal recessive disorder which clinically presents as cystine calculi. In this study, we reviewed cystine calculi cases in the west of Iran to determine their common presentations and response to different therapeutic modalities. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between 1999 and 2005, we had 22 pediatric patients (11 boys and 11(More)
BACKGROUND This study was performed to compare the prevalence of HPV infection and high risk HPV genotypes [16, 18] between monogamous and polygamous women, in Zabol, Iran. METHODS This cross sectional study was conducted in Zabol in 2006 - 2007. Two hundred sixty five married women attending the Gynecology Clinic for Cervical Disease Screening entered to(More)
Neurofibroma is a common benign tumor composed of neuromesenchymal tissue with residual nerve axons, which results from an abnormal overgrowth of Schwann cells .They can be present anywhere on the body but it is rarely localized in scrotum. They are usually skin-colored, soft or rubbery, nodular lesions, which may be pedunculated. It can be solitary lesions(More)
BACKGROUND In the recent years, the use of laboratory blood factors such as FSH and inhibin-B for the assessment of spermatogenesis in different studies has increased; of course, the conflicting results have also been achieved. OBJECTIVE To investigate if the measurement of inhibin-B can help surgeon to reduce unnecessary diagnostic testicular biopsies in(More)
Context: Pediatric nephrolithiasis is a noticeable cause of morbidity among children. Although, nephrolithiasis is a common disease in adults, its incidence has had a rising trend in children. Here in, we reviewed the current state regarding evaluation and management of children with nephrolithiasis in the last decade. Evidence Acquisition: The current(More)
INTRODUCTION Our aim was to evaluate the value of serum prostate-specific antigen doubling time (PSADT) to identify patients with high-grade prostate cancer who require more aggressive therapy from those with low-grade cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS Of 460 patients with extended 12-core transrectal ultrasonography-guided biopsy of the prostate, 59 with(More)
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