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The findings in 40 children (24 female, 16 male) with osteoarticular complications of brucellosis are presented. Raw milk was the main source of infection. Most patients had acute onset of fever, arthralgia, and myalgia. Arthritis was the presenting symptom in all patients, of whom two also had osteomyelitis. Arthritis was monoarticular in 28 (70%) of 40(More)
Congenital hepatic fibrosis (CHF) is a recognized cause of portal hypertension with oesophageal varices, gastro-intestinal haemorrhage and cholangitis in children without significant impairment of hepatic or renal function. This report describes the varied clinical presentation of CHF as seen at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH &(More)
There is limited information about inflammatory bowel disease in Arab children. Hence, the objective of this study was to report on the epidemiology of this condition in our community. Medical records were analysed for all children below 18 years of age diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and followed up in our institution over a period of 10(More)
Eight children with chronic diarrhea from glucose-galactose malabsorption from eight different families are presented. Six children are Saudi Arabs and two are of the other Arab nationalities. The mean age of the children at the time of presentation was 10.6 months. They were first seen for chronic watery diarrhea, present since birth, and failure to(More)
Peptic ulcer disease (PUD) has been reported to occur in children worldwide, but no information is available for our community. The aim of the study was to report our experience on the pattern of this condition in Saudi Arabian children. The records of all children below 18 years of age who were diagnosed by endoscopy to have PUD over a period of 10 years(More)
Congenital chloride diarrhoea (CCD) usually presents with abdominal distension, visible peristalsis and watery stools from birth that show chloride loss of more than 90 mmol/l. It may mimic low intestinal obstruction on antenatal ultrasound scanning after 30 weeks' gestation. This condition has been reported mainly from Finland. We report a case of CCD in a(More)
During a period of 5 years, 42 cases of invasive Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) disease were studied. An outstanding finding in our patients was occult bacteraemia, which was detected in 13 (31 per cent) patients. Other clinical conditions encountered were nine (21 per cent) patients with pneumonia, nine (21 per cent) with meningitis, six (14 per cent)(More)
A community-based study was undertaken to determine the prevalence and types of intestinal parasites in the pediatric population of Al-Baha region, Saudi Arabia. Stool samples were randomly collected from 19,939 children of whom 4208 (21.1%) were found to harbour intestinal parasites. The most affected age group was 5-9 years and the sex distribution was(More)
OBJECTIVE Knowledge of the pattern of gastrointestinal tract (GIT) disorders detected by endoscopy is important for clinicians. The objective of this paper is to report on the indications and yield of endoscopy. METHODS Retrospective analysis of data of all patients below 18 years of age who underwent upper GIT endoscopy from 1414 H (1993 G) through to(More)