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Our study justified by the frequency of acute appendicitis and the possibility of anatomic variations of the caecoappendicular area attempt to index the topographic variations of the vermiform appendix (v.a.). On 80 fresh native cadavers (62 men and 18 women) without surgical antecedent whose mean age was 36 years (range between 16 and 78 years) we note the(More)
Sickle cell disease is an hereditary hemoglobinopathy syndrome which provokes deglobulization crisis and infectious complications. These infectious diseases may be due to a permanent activation of the immune system. The aim of our study was to explore alternative pathway by measuring C3 complement and the classical pathway by C4 complement. The level of(More)
We have observed in our study that antithrombin III activity decreases very significatively in eclampsia (p < 0.0001). A level of 90% was defined as a threshold. All the rates which are under or equal to 90% have 78.3% as a positive predictive value and those over 90% have a 98.7% as a negative predictive value for the overcoming of eclampsia. We have(More)
During the study in the anti-salt dam area in Bignona, we noted that malaria was mesoendemic (IP = 45.2%), with a high transmission during the rainy season. Prevalence rate of schistosomiasis was low. Intestinal parasites were frequent (74.4%). It is to be feared with the putting salt out, the prevalence rate of the parasitic diseases would increase, so it(More)
The distribution of T-cell subsets in acute and cerebral malaria have been studied using two monoclonal antibodies. In the course of the disease both in acute and cerebral malaria in persons living in senegalese hypoendemic area occurred important alterations of circulating T-cell subsets. A significant loss of OKT4 positive cells is observed; OKT8 positive(More)
AIMS Due to the severity of colonic injuries and their frequency on the left side, we study relationships between the left kidney and the descending colon to identify subjects at risk of colonic perforation during percutaneous surgery of the left kidney. MATERIAL AND METHODS Over a period of 3 years we exploited abdominal CT scans for 1084 patients in(More)
In the course of Onchocerca volvulus infection in subjects with from light to heavy microfilarial count in skin snips occurred important alterations concerning both humoral and cell-mediated immunity. Serum examination for immunoglobulins showed high synthesis of IgG, IgM and IgE. The level of IgM was found to be correlated to the intensity of the(More)
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