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Net1 isoform A (Net1A) is a RhoA GEF that is required for cell motility and invasion in multiple cancers. Nuclear localization of Net1A negatively regulates its activity, and we have recently shown that Rac1 stimulates Net1A relocalization to the plasma membrane to promote RhoA activation and cytoskeletal reorganization. However, mechanisms controlling the(More)
Ras homolog (Rho) family small GTPases are critical regulators of actin cytoskeletal organization, cell motility, proliferation, and survival. Surprisingly, the large majority of the studies underlying our knowledge of Rho protein function have been carried out in cultured cells, and it is only recently that researchers have begun to assess Rho GTPase(More)
Rho GTPases regulate cell motility in a large part through control of actin cytoskeletal organization. The activation state of Rho proteins is regulated by a wide variety of guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) and GTPase activating proteins that are differentially expressed among cell types and disease states. The RhoA specific GEF neuroepithelial(More)
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