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OBJECTIVES We investigated the effect of low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) on the healing of tendons. METHODS Forty-five adult Wistar rats weighing 300 g were randomized into three groups equal in number. All the rats underwent full-thickness surgical incision of the Achilles tendon followed by primary repair. After the operation, two groups received(More)
Fracture healing is a significant process in orthopedics. In this controlled animal study, our aimis to expose the healing effects of cord blood umbilico-placental mononuclear cells (UPMNCs) on bone fractures. Caesarean sections were performed on five pregnant New Zealand rabbits at term. Placentas and cords were collected. Standard closed transverse shaft(More)
In this study, therapeutic effects of Vitamin K2, Raloxifene and their co-administration on bone, uterus, blood and weight profiles were investigated with an ovariectomized rat model. Forty Wistar rats were divided into five groups (n=8): Raloxifene (R), Vitamin K2 (K), Raloxifene+Vitamin K2 (R+K), ovariectomized controls (OVX) and Sham-operated controls(More)
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