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Shifting Obsessions: Three Essays on the Politics of Anticorruption
List of Figures Foreword Aryeh Neier Preface Acknowledgements When "Should" Does not Imply "Can." The Making of Washington Consensus on Corruption Corruption, Anticorruption Sentiments and the Rule
Trust is Not Enough: Bringing Human Rights to Medicine
David and Sheila Rothman conclude that an ethical and professional concern for observing medicine's oldest commandment--do no harm--must be joined with a profound commitment to protecting human rights.
Taking Liberties: Four Decades In The Struggle For Rights
A penetrating memoir on forty years of fighting for civil liberties, human rights, and justice by the former executive director of the ACLU and Human Rights Watch and the current President of the
Open Mike
Hatemongering broadcasters have degraded political culture in the US, says Aryeh Neier. But protection for free speech remains the best antidote
The International Human Rights Movement: A History
This book describes the development of international human rights law in the aftermath of the attacks of 9/11 and discusses the role that international humanitarian law played in the evolution of that law.