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Sexual behavior, HPV knowledge, and association with head and neck cancer among a high-risk group.
Knowledge of HPV and its association with head and neck cancer has significant gaps in this population, with a large number of the population accessing HPV information from sources other than a healthcare provider. Expand
Histopathological and clinical analysis of chronic rhinosinusitis by subtype
Clinical, surgical, and histopathological subtype differences are identified to further elucidate disease mechanisms and suggest 4 CRS subtypes: eosinophilic CRS with and without nasal polyps (eCRSwNP, eCRSsNP, respectively). Expand
Functional outcomes of sensate versus insensate free flap reconstruction in oral and oropharyngeal reconstruction: A systematic review
There is insufficient evidence to draw conclusions on whether sensate flaps improve functional speech and swallowing outcomes measured by videofluoroscopic swallowing studies and percentage of word intelligibility by a listener blinded to the study. Expand
Efficacy of bone marrow cytologic evaluations in detecting occult cancellous invasion
Determine the accuracy of bone marrow cytologic evaluations in detecting occult cancellous invasion by squamous cell carcinomas (SCCa) beyond the original margins of bone resection that would haveExpand
Targeted Amelioration of Cisplatin-Induced Ototoxicity in Guinea Pigs
Intraperitoneal L-N-acetylcysteine administration preceding cisplatin resulted in less hearing loss and a higher GSH/GSSG ratio than either trans-tympanic formulation. Expand
Impact of Biopsy Modality on the Management of Cutaneous Melanoma of the Head and Neck
Patients diagnosed with shave and punch biopsy techniques are significantly more likely to have positive margins on definitive wide local excision (DWLE) and more frequently require early reoperation. Expand
Botulinum Toxin Dosing Trends in Spasmodic Dysphonia Over a 20-year Period.
The average BTX dose of patients with ADSD who receive long-term injections significantly decreases during the initial 10-15 injections before stabilizing, and patients who exhibit the "fluctuating" dosing pattern have a significantly shorter interval between injections than those with the "classic" dosed pattern. Expand
Patterns of recurrence and retreatment outcomes among clinical stage I and II head and neck melanoma patients
Survival outcomes in patients who underwent retreatment of recurrent cases of cutaneous melanoma of the head and neck (CMHN) are determined. Expand
Complications in Facial Esthetic Surgery.
This article is meant as a general overview and introduction to potential complications surgeons may encounter, interested readers are encouraged to further review comprehensive subspecialty literature for more detailed discussion. Expand
Facial Paresis Secondary to an Aggressive Acute Bacterial Rhinosinusitis.
Facial Paresis Secondary to an Aggressive Acute Bacterial Rhinosinusitis When approaching a patient with cranial nerve 7 (CN7) palsy, a careful workup must be undertaken in order to rule out the manyExpand