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Salient region detection is a challenging problem and an important topic in computer vision. It has a wide range of applications, such as object recognition and segmentation.. The proposed method is a bottom-up salient region detection method that integrates compactness and local contrast cues. Furthermore, to produce a pixel-accurate saliency map that more(More)
Amine intercalated titanates were synthesized by direct exchange of potassium ions of K2Ti4O9 by alkyl ammonium ions of various alkyl chain lengths. These intercalated solids exfoliate well in alcohols of different alkyl chain lengths and non-polar solvents such as toluene and hexane to yield colloidal dispersions of titanate nanosheets. The longer the(More)
Congestion avoidance is an important traffic engineering task, which can be performed by making use of load-balancing technique when a link is over loaded or failure of link occur in Multi-Path Switching Systems. Multipath Switching Systems are capable of transferring high rate data in networks. As preserving the inter flow packet orders while avoiding(More)
In recent times, quadratic magneto-optic Kerr effect (QMOKE) is emerging as an important experimental tool to investigate higher-order spin-orbit interactions in magnetic thin films and heterostructures. We have designed and constructed a simple, cost-effective QMOKE measurement system using permanent magnets. The permanent magnets are mounted on the inner(More)
We have designed and constructed a spin polarized low energy electron diffraction system working in the reflected electron pulse counting mode. This system is capable of measuring asymmetries due to spin-orbit and exchange interactions. Photoemission from a strained GaAs/GaAsP super lattice is used as the source of spin polarized electrons. Spin-orbit(More)
––Friction stir welding is a solid state welding technology used for welding low melting point metals, such as Al, Mg and its alloys. Later welding was conducted on dissimilar metals which also produced a better defect free joint. Tool design and welding parameters contributes a major role for producing a better weld. Material flow and friction heat are the(More)
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