AryA. Hoffmann

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Hot days in summer (involving a few hours at particularly high temperatures) are expected to become more common under climate change. How such events at different life stages affect survival and reproduction remains unclear in most organisms. Here, we investigated how an exposure to 40 °C at different life stages in the global insect pest, Plutella(More)
a tropical Cbaoborus species and their ecological significance. (With 1 figure and 4 tables in the text) YOUNG, MARK & WILLIAMS, JENNIFER: The reproductive biology of the freshwater pearl mussei Margaritifera margaritifera (LINN.) in Scotland. II. Laboratory studies. (With 2 figures and 6 tables in the text) chemische und biologische Charakterisierung(More)
We report the first experimental demonstration of the parametric amplification of attosecond pulse trains at around 11 nm. The helium amplifier is driven by intense laser pulses and seeded by high-order harmonics pulses generated in a neon gas jet. Our measurements suggest that amplification takes place only if the seed pulse-trains are perfectly(More)
(average directional preference difference: 138.3 ^ 26.28, range: 89.18). For cell pairs in which two directions of plaid motion fulfilled these selection criteria, neuronal correlation coefficients (NCCs) were averaged. One monkey reported the direction of moving plaid patterns (six-alternative forced-choice task). During training, the animal viewed plaid(More)
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